How to Become a Lawyer – Not as Complicated as You Think…

Law is a very lucrative career that can provide you with the opportunities that no other profession can. The legal profession rewards hard work, dedication and skills. It is also a fairly open field for anyone who is willing to work hard enough. With only 67,000 corporate lawyers there is a lot of room for young professionals to enter the market and claim their place. Below we share a step by step method of acquiring a license to practice.

Work Ethic

bealawyerIt is extremely important in the legal profession to be used to working hard being good at everything that you do. Start at the beginning and ensure that you complete high school with great grades, and create an ability in yourself to deal with complex and complicated issues.

Recognize the potential in yourself, if you do not have the ability to read lengthy often dull chapters or tend to find study and research boring then this profession might not be for you.

Being Part of the Community

Participate in different events held at your school to develop your social skills. As a lawyer you should have the ability to interact with different kinds of people from all areas of life.

Getting a Degree

Enrol in a 4 year undergraduate program. English, public speaking, history and economics are a perfect fit for your path towards becoming a lawyer. Try to take as much advantage of the facilities that you have at your disposal. Ask your career counselor for advice and ways to improve your chances of becoming a lawyer.


Apply to law school and complete your studies, then practice under a professional lawyer and finally earn your own license. A good GPA and strong work ethics would contribute significantly towards your entry into Law school.

Following all the steps outlined above is a guaranteed path towards becoming a lawyer. Never shirk away from your responsibilities and work hard, this way you can achieve big things in your life. Here’s some great advice from┬áMarc Miller, from The University of Arizona College of Law…

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